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Gloucester Docks &
the Sharpness Canal


Museum Tug Progress at Work

On 1 Apr 2009, a group of Friends of the Waterways Museum used the tug Severn Progress
with the workboat Hesketh lashed alongside to bring some Harras fencing panels to the Museum for use on Boat Jumble day. This page records highlights of the exercise.

For more Museum Boats, see Museum Boats, Dredger & Sabrina 5 and Tug Progress

Progress and Hesketh passing unter High Orchard Bridge on the way to collect the fencing panels

Friends loading the fencing panels into Hesketh at the quay beside Chris Mullins's tyre centre 

On the way back up the canal

At Llanthony Bridge 

Entering the Barge Arm 

Unloading the fencing panels at the Museum

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